Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PSN Card Codes Newest Generator for free Download

To all of searching for PSN card and codes Here In the site for you to get it for free download. this is not a scam, many people including me use it very often to get free psn codes, lets follow the simple steps to download link, Click Here: "DOWNLOAD PSN CARD CODES" As soon as posible you get the files, right after downloading, you can scan it implemeting  any anti-vrus to make guaranteed it is 100% safe for use it.

When doing offers its best to use real information but if you dont want to, then use fake but Realistic info and when asked for comment me o my blog. ill give you the download link. You exactly how to do can offer since every offer is different, to a guide if you need help, Once you start doing offers you should start to get PSN Card but they can take anywhere from intand to a day load to your account so don't worry if you don't get spn card for a offer instantly as it takes time to veify that you, and reason really work, so if one gives you trouble just skip it..

Also the main page, at the very bottom, on the right side you will see a list of offers that other users have completed so try those in your country for easy Points, Another way to get quick points is to do daily surveys which are surveys you can do every 24 hours to get it! You can only to do complete the offers of the download link, Remember you can do them again every day, one you get 50 points or 100% points you can get your $50, $100 PSN Card, Here's where its different depending on where you live, so if you live in Unites States.

  • step 1: select value of codes or cards ---> $20, $50 or 100% Click Generate to Generate
  • Step 2 :  After the generateing button and wait the code and look in the box.
  • Step 3: Redeem all of PSN Card and codes you want. !
  • Step 4 : And save your cost and get Free PSN Card, codes!!!.


  1. This actually worked. I can't believe I got a free psn code from you. Thank you so much for helping me.

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  3. Psnboy has his own site that he works this scam from, so for him to be commenting here I'm guessing he either is the owner of this page also, or this site belongs to 1 of his friends. Either way your both liers, and this shit DON'T WORK! SCAM!!!!!